Although once thought of as a thing of the past, perms are quickly and surely making a huge comeback. Many who remember the perms of the past are taken back to a time of huge and unruly curls. However, if we fast forward through the 80’s, you would come to find out that perms actually give a beautiful curl and add a huge amount of volume in a very short period of time.

Perms work by breaking the chemical compound of the hair around a curl rod. As the hair sets, we than re-form the bonds while keeping the curl rod in, causing the hair to take shape in a spiral state. Scientists have been formulating for ages trying to create the perfect chemical compound for the perfect curl.

There is a misconception that doing a perm will ultimate damage and “fry” the hair. We say misconception although you may also see it as misinformation. Before any perm or any service at the salon that is, one must go through the consultation process. During the consultation, the stylist must determine the state of which your hair and scalp is in, for example, whether it has been colour processed and whether or not it can handle going through the required steps of a perm. After performing an elasticity test on the hair, the stylist than decides in which direction to apply the perm rods and which solution is best for your hair. Just as anything else, a perm is customized to you; from the solution being used, to the direction of the rods being applied!

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