Microblading Whitby Consultation 


Microblading Whitby  services with Brows Obsessed starts with a consultation where we discuss skin type, brow shapes, color and what it is that your trying to achieve with the microblading. Brows Obsessed will correctly shape your brow according to your individual face shape, skin type, and age. Choosing the appropriate color is absolutely key!

This fee is paid at time of consultation and is therefore deducted from your microblading appointment fee. Consultation Fee is non refundable.


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Microblading Whitby Service Provider


The microblading Whitby service is a semi-permanent eyebrow tatoo that will hold for up to one year. Brows Obsessed at 5one7 Salon & Barbershop, uses disposable blades which are fully sterilized by Gamma Rays. We use quality tints to deposit beautiful hair strokes that will provide clients with beautiful ,well balanced, and naturally colored brows.

There will be a two week healing process where any scabbing will flake off, your brows will fade slightly and your touch up will be due four weeks later.

This 2hr procedure will be pain free as a result of our numbing cream.

At this time the remainder of the fee is due in full.

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Microblading Whitby Touch Up

No Charge

Touch up appointment is due 4-6 weeks after your initial microblading appointment. This necessary appointment will fill and perfect any spots in your brow that the initial appointment may have missed. Touch up is standard and depending on your skin type you may need a third appointment.

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Yearly Colour Refresh


Yearly color refresh will fill and refresh any faded areas to provide a color boost which will hold for another long year.

microblading whitby

Colour And Shape Correction


Brow corrections from other artists may take a full 2 ½ hr appointment and will carry a fee anywhere between $300.00 -$450.00 dependant upon the amount of time required. The example below is a solid tattoo gone wrong where we added hair strokes  in order to provide a more natural brow.

Microblading 4

Microblading Whitby Scarring Treatment

Scarring can be filled and corrected but is dependant on the type of scar. Keloid or deep scars cannot be corrected. This will be determined within your consultation appointment.

Microblading 5

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo for both men and women where we use individually Gamma Ray sterilized and fully disposable blades to deposit pigment into the skin to create natural hair strokes. Our blades and pigment are fully certified and come in various sizes to accommodate various hair stroke sizes and skin types. These strokes are created in the top layer of the skin and will produce small scratches that will scab over a two week healing period to leave you with natural looking hairs. Microblading fills in any empty spots in your brow or areas where natural color is fading

Microblading is best suited to those whose brows have become sparse due to over plucking, medications, disease or Alopecia or maybe you just want to enhance the shape and color of your existing brow to a thicker richer look.

This procedure is pain free due to our medically approved quality numbing cream.

Brows define your face so we at Brows Obsessed will therefore create your brow design and color based on your face shape and color, skin type and age.

Our clients are left with beautifully full, well shaped and age appropriate brows that look naturally like your own.

Please see our photos below and come in for a consultation. You wont be disappointed.

Microblading 6

This woman in the above photo wanted a subtle change. Made a big difference for someone who wears little to no make up.

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