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Are you looking for an effective method to control the curls or waves in your hair? With our hair relaxer Whitby services you can obtain the sleek and smooth look you’ve always wanted with a professional 5one7Barbershop & Hair Salon Whitby hair relaxer treatment that leaves your hair shiny, silky and straight.

Hair Relaxer Straightening Whitby Experts

Our Whitby hair care experts are experienced enough to realize that each of our clients will have various hair care requirements. Allow our Whitby Hairstylists to provide you with a thorough assessment that determines the most appropriate hair relaxer Whitby techniques and hair products best suited to your needs and hair type.

Easy To Manage Hair Relaxer Whitby Services

5one7Barbershop & Hair Salon Whitby hair relaxer treatments makes your hair easier to manage and can reduce the time you normally spend struggling with hairstyling each day. By breaking down the hair strand and changing its structure, advanced hair relaxing treatments alter each strand, eliminating fuss along with frizz. Our customized hair relaxing Whitby treatments can be applied to any and all types of hair with success, even hair that has been chemically-treated.


Hair Relaxers with Minimal to No Chemicals

Hair relaxers can have a lot of chemicals in them and that is why we offer a variety of  different options for our clients. Depending on the hair type of our clients, we can offer smooth and silky hair, without the use of harmful or damaging hair products, 5one7Barbershop & Hair Salon Whitby provides the most advanced hair relaxer systems that offer the spectacular shine and results for our clients hair. Completely safe and formaldehyde free, our superior hair products will make your hair more manageable and significantly reduce drying and hairstyling time.

Hair Relaxer Whitby Systems Applied By Hair Professionals Only

Although home hair relaxer kits are available, mixing and applying the necessary chemicals to your hair can be potentially harmful and ultimately damage the hair if the process is not done correctly. Our hair salon Whitby professionals always perform a strand test to assess which type of hair relaxer is best suited to for your hair type and texture to achieve your preferred look.

FAQ about Hair Relaxer Whitby Services

What is contained in hair relaxer solutions?

The active agent in all relaxers is a strong alkali in the form of a lotion or cream that loosens tight curls making them easier to straighten.

How long does a hair relaxer treatment last?

Although results may vary depending on your hair type and texture, relaxers last on average for about 6 – 8 weeks similar to hair coloring treatments and can be maintained with regular hair salon Whitby touch-ups.

Will a hair relaxer treatment make my hair and scalp dry?

Although any chemical hair treatment has the potential to dry the scalp, a professional hair technician, experienced in the knowledgeable and proper preparation and application of hair relaxer Whitby treatments will follow a recommended neutralization process that brings potentially damaging pH levels down.

Can I color my hair immediately after a hair relaxer Whitby treatment?

5one7Barbershop & Hair Salon Whitby technicians recommend waiting at least a week and one shampoo before applying permanent hair color.

What is the best way to care for my hair following hair relaxer Whitby treatment?

Use a top quality deep conditioner to strengthen and protect your hair. Restore color vibrancy with specialty shampoos that inhibit color fading.

Take a step toward taming your tresses with a professional consultation from a 5one7Barbershop & Hair Salon Whitby stylist.

5one7Barbershop & Hair Salon Whitby Hair Relaxing

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