Hair Extensions Whitby

We at 5ONE7 offer a variety of service which include hair extensions Whitby. Hair extensions Whitby have truly grown in the past few years. From clip-ins, to sew-ins and many more. Although those are both quite popular forms of hair extensions, we at 5ONE7 choose to focus solely on Tape-ins, Fusion, and Micro beads.  Below is listed the different types of hair extensions Whitby Services, and a general explanation of the systems involved.

Fusion Hair Extensions Whitby

Fusion hair extensions Whitby are definitely a client and stylist’s favorite form of extensions. It is the process in which the hair is parted into thin horizontal sections, and strips of hair are then bonded to the preexisting hair using a keratin bond. Fusion hair extensions last for months on end, and are very natural looking as they can assist in creating volume and density to the hair.


Tape in hair extensions Whitby services are the newest form of hair extensions and have quickly become the most requested form of extensions world wide. They consist of sectioning the hair into thin horizontal sections, where a one inch strip of the extension is “sandwiched” in between the preexisting hair.

Micro Beads

Micro beading, is quite similar to the fusion method. However, rather than using a hot keratin protein bond to fuse the new hair to the old hair, we use a micro bead. This consists of a small circular vessel in which the new strand and preexisting strand of hair enter and are pressed together using a bonding tool. This creates a hold which many argue is the least invasive to the hair which lasts for months at a time.


A process by which the individuals hair is corn rowed in a manner in where it is possible for the stylist to use a special designed string to sew the new hair strands, to the clients pre-existing hair.

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