Hair Colour Whitby

We at 5ONE7 use only the most premium products when it comes to our clients. We are a proud Goldwell salon and look to bring the best color trends from all over the world right to you. Our hair color line looks to mimic the truest natural colors, the coolest blondes and warmest caramels. Our priority is the integrity of your hair every time, guaranteed! We do not stop at creating the most stunning color available, we go further by ensuring that we do so in a manner leaving your hair feeling better walking out than it had when you first came in. We take pride in our hair balayage Whitby services and all other services.

Hair Highlights Whitby

Highlights or highlighting hair is the process of lifting or creating lowlights in the hair using a premium hair lightener or hair colour. We at 5ONE7 pride ourselves in the fact that we use a high end colour line and only the finest products on the market. We are a Goldwell salon which is extremely low in ammonia and gentle on the hair. Our goal when creating highlights or low lights on our clients, is to create subtle or loud dimensions in the hair depending on the consultation, while maintaining the integrity of the hair.

Hair Balayage Whitby / Ombre

A Balayage or an Ombre are styles of creating dimension in the hair through the process of free form painting onto the hair. Both these styles create great dimension and frame the face beautifully. The goal when doing a technique such as a Balayage, is to create a subtle color melt in the hair. Typically a hair balayage Whitby starts at the root of the hair and works its way down. This is the main difference between a Balayage and an Ombre. The word “ombre” come from the French word for shading, and thus is typically most prominent between the mid-shaft to ends of the hair.

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