hairdressing claims

Hairdressing Claims

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The responsibilities of a hairdresser or hairdressing salon are to make the clients feel and look better while maintaining a sanitary, safe and healthy procedure.

Most hairdressing salons are registered and licensed under trade and commerce law of the locality failing to which the salon can be shut down, sued or banned.

When Can a Client Sue a Hairdresser?

  • Scalp or Skin Injury

The hairdresser should know the exact time a product is supposed to be left on the hair and to take tests for an allergic reaction. If your stylist neglects to test the product or leave it on longer than necessary and cause skin or scalp and hair injuries, a client can file a lawsuit.

  • Cuts

Hairdressers and stylists are trained to handle and manoeuvre hair cutting instruments in the right and safe way, but there can be accidents that can cause cuts and nips on the neck, face or ears. An angry client can sue in such cases for the injury incurred.

  • Damaged or Burnt Hair

Slight negligence can result in severe damage when it comes to setting the right temperature for straightening or curling hair. It could cause severe and irreparable loss to the hair when protective products or measures are not considered beforehand. A client could sue the stylist for negligence at such cases too.

  • Injuries and Infections

Hairdressing Salons are supposed to maintain a clean and sanitary environment. All instruments are to be disinfected and adequately managed to avoid contamination and the spreading of infections. If the client is sure that he/she got an infection from the salon, they are likely to file a lawsuit.

Avoiding or Filing a Lawsuit

Sometimes hairdressing salons can be a dangerous place and employees, clients and reputations are at risk. If you want to protect your services or if you are a client who wants to press charges, you can do so with the help of a lawyer at Abi Law.

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