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Welcome to 5ONE7 Hair Salon Whitby and Barbershop, located just north of the four corners in downtown Whitby. We are a full-service hair salon, barbershop and aesthetics boutique that have been serving the community and abroad since the summer of 2017.

In the current economic situation, many women want to save as much as possible. This usually means cutting coupons for their favorite grocery products, learning to change their tires, and carpooling to work and school. However, one thing women should not try to cut corners is their hair care. No problem, Hair Salon Whitby provides you the complete solution. Finding the best hair salon Whitby service provider is important to Whitby residents. You need to be sure that your local hair salon Whitby service provider has the skills necessary to handle your hair. You also need to be able to conveniently book a time slot that works for your schedule. That is why 5ne7barbershop & Hair Salon Whitby has a hair care booking system conveniently on our website. Not only can you call in to book your hair care time slot, you can also book it yourself online from our website. Once you book it online on our system your hair salon whitby time slot is saved and you will be sent an e-mail notice. Our hair salon Whitby specialists will be prepared to work on your hair when you arrive at our local Whitby location. We offer many hair care Whitby services. We offer hair coloring, hair dresser, hair stylist, microblading, hair perms, and more!

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